My Story

October 15th 2010 marks a day that i made such a big decision that would forever change my life.I had tried so many different ways to earn money for our family while i stayed home and took care of our children while my husband worked so hard for so little money.I had just stopped working after a year of trying to work outside of the home but after lots of issues with childcare,cars,and time my husband decided it was time for me to come back home.I was so excited yet scared to go back to struggling,shortly before this i came across this amazing product that not only made your house smell good but was completely safe.I was in love and wanted to buy it all,i did a basket party for my friend reluctantly thinking i would suck at it .But because i was so in love with the items all i had to do was share the scent testers and book and bam i had $400 in sales in less than a week.I sat on this thought for a few weeks trying to process that i was able to do that ,every party i had ever done was horrible and i even failed at different kind of home business years before.I was pretty sure i would fail but with my husband's ok i jumped in and decided to join Scentsy.I had no clue what i was doing but since scentsy offered such great training videos,resources and more i was able to absorb alot of information early on.I struggled with confidence and getting out of my circle of people at first but i decided to start meeting new people at parties and events and gradually built my team and my sales. There has been various ups and downs over the past 5 years,Years were i was lacking confidence,drive and hope and years where no one could stop me from meeting my goals.I love that Scentsy has helped me to build a large customer base but mostly i have made new friends and family through this amazing company.I have traveled more in my life with Scentsy than i ever have.My family and friends now see that  i have stuck with it and they believe in me to be their consultant.I now have a growing team of almost 30 people from all different walks of life,spread out all over the usa and they bring me such joy.I love being able to help others see the qualitys in them that they may not see just like my sponsor did for me .She pushes me every day to be more and do more.This business has helped me open myself up in my Christian life,as a mother and as a friend along with earn income,travel and make lots of new friends. What will your journey look like when you take the leap? Will you join me today ? Heather Stokes